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Last Updated:April 21, 2018
Bryce Welker
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top 5 enrolled agent courses of 2018Choosing the right EA review course is the single most important decision you will make on your Enrolled Agent journey.

You will be spending hundreds of hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the course that best fits your learning style and background.

So here’s the good news – I have personally tested every major EA prep course on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you figure out which course best fits your needs.

Best EA Prep Course Study Material Comparisons & Discounts 2018

Here are the best EA study material review courses to help you pass the exam on your first try and become an Enrolled agent.

Enrolled Agent Courses Gleim EA Review course surgent ea review course gryfin ea prep course Lambers EA Review Course WiseGuides EA Review Course






COMPANY Gleim EA Review Surgent EA Review Gryfin EA Review Lambers EA Review WiseGuides EA Review
PRICE $630 $598
Get Discount
$499 $399
Show Coupon
$427 $357
Show Coupon
$1,350 $237
3,500 1,800+ 1,700+ Several Hundred 2,880
12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
14 Day Refund Yes – Must Fail Twice Must Score 85%+
On All Coursework
Personal Counselor
Phone & Email Support
Phone, Email and Live Chat Support
Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review

Gleim EA Review (Rank: #1)

Gleim EA Review Course


Course Includes Personal Counselor: If you enroll in Gleim’s EA prep courses, your very own counselor will guide you through the Enrolled Agent Exam process. Your counselor will help you create a study plan and answer all of your questions about the exam process. You’ll also have access to a team of experts by phone or email if you have questions about exam-related content or study material.
Customize Your Practice Tests: The user-friendly online test software allows you to customize your practice tests with ease. Create an exam that consists of questions you’ve never seen, questions you’ve never answered, questions you’ve answered incorrectly, or all available questions. This is convenient because it allows you to create a short exam if you want to fit in a quick study session.
Course Analytics: Gleim EA’s software comes with detailed analytics to help you track your progress and performance. The software records your most recent attempt, the average of your last 3 attempts, and your cumulative average. You can also check the Performance Graphs section to see your progress or create study sessions based on your study history.
Final Exam Review: The Exam Rehearsal mode allows students simulate the actual EA Exam with a computerized test. Gleim recommends that students take this exam at least one week before their scheduled exam date and during their final review. Just like the real EA exam, this test is 3.5 hours long and includes 100 multiple-choice questions, so you can practice your pacing while answering so many questions.
Learn about the 2018 tax changes with this FREE Gleim webinar. Click here.


Surgent EA Review (Rank: #2)

surgent enrolled agent review 2017


Adaptive Learning: With Surgent, you’ll be studying smarter, not harder. With the integrated adaptive learning software, you will be studying the topics you don’t know instead of reviewing the areas you’ve already mastered.
Clear Course Design: Thanks to the updated interface 1.5, Surgent is set up with an organized dashboard that clearly shows your progress, overall score, hours studying, and even a count down to your exam date. The clear design throughout the course helps you stay focused on your studies and on track to pass.
Available in Spanish: The only EA review course out there that has Spanish answer explanations. This is great for all the native Spanish speakers out there!
No Video Lectures: Since Surgent’s goal is to reduce your study time, there are no video lessons for you to watch. Visual learners should check out other courses if this is a necessity.


Gryfin EA Review (Rank: #3)

gryfin enrolled agent overview 2017


Great Value: Higher rated courses offer more questions and a few more bells and whistles. GryfinEA Review, however, is likely the best fit for budget-conscious customers, as they offer a very respectable volume of questions with the same core offering as many other companies (but for considerably less money).
Up-to-date Technology: Gryfin EA Review provides candidates with an intuitive course dashboard that makes it easy to track their progress. Their adaptive-learning technology helps students create customized study programs to suit their needs. Use the course tools to identify your weak areas and focus on topics that need additional review to optimize your study time.
Course Analytics: The software’s built-in reporting function allows students to access progress reports, reference reports, or the results of their most recent study session. You can choose to view each of these reports in either a detailed or summarized format. An unlimited number of practice exams can be created from the challenging questions to simulate the computerized exam environment of the actual exam.
Fewer Practice Questions: With 1,700 practice questions, Gryfin lags behind several competitors, who offer 2,000-3,000 questions. In their defense, Gryfin attempts to provide students those questions that are the most difficult and relevant, many of which come from previous exams. Although many students prefer as many problems as possible, Gryfin makes the argument that quality trumps quantity.


Lambers EA Review (Rank: #4)

Lambers Enrolled Agent review


Multiple Options for Review: Lambers offers students the option to review with audio lectures, video lectures, and an online workbook. The audio review course can be downloaded to your computer and then synced with iPods and other MP4 media players for convenient study while you exercise or commute.
Quality Instruction From Industry Expert: Instructor Arthur Reed is an expert in this field and shares his knowledge in a straightforward manner. Audio-visual learners will appreciate his easy-to-understand lectures and get the most out of watching him work through a large number of problems.
Price: Once you add up the cost for each of the components of Lambers’ course, the price is extremely high compared to what you get. There is no discount for buying the study materials for all 3 sections of the exam, and most competitors offer more practice questions and better technology for a much lower price.
Dated Technology: Students looking for the most recent technology will be disappointed by Lambers’ outdated dashboard and basic software. Although the course includes online adaptive drills and a simulated exam mode, the technology (CDs to upload course lectures, etc.) and design are very dated. In addition, the course offers only a few hundred practice questions compared to thousands from competitors.


WiseGuides EA Review (Rank: #5)


Low Price: Pay as little as $49 per exam section (90 days of access) or $79 for each part of the exam, or $237 for all three (12 months of access). The WiseGuides EA course includes access to all online features, practice questions and online exams, 1,500 digital flashcards and hard copy textbooks.
Number of Practice Questions and Materials: You’ll get a total of 2,900 study questions and 1,700 electronic flashcards for all three parts of the exam, an unlimited number of online practice exams, and eLessons or printed Lesson Books for additional practice. Although the technology is old, you will get a lot of material at a bargain price, making this course a great supplement to another study program.
Outdated Technology: In terms of layout and design, this course needs significant updates. Limited feedback and analytics are available when it comes to performance tracking, and the online tools and course dashboard are very basic and old-school. The free demo will give you an idea of the tools and capabilities you’ll get with this course, so definitely try it before you buy it.



What is the best EA prep course?

Top 5 Best Enrolled Agent Prep Courses 2018 – Comparison Guide!

EA Prep Courses Best Feature
Gleim EA Most Comprehensive
Surgent EA Clear Course Design
Gryfin EA Adaptive Learning Tech
Lambers EA Flashcards
WiseGuides EA Amount of Practice Questions

Enrolled Agent Courses
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Additional Resources to Get You On the Right Track

Not sure you want to become an Enrolled Agent? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Check out my Enrolled Agent vs. CPA comparison and see what’s a better fit for you. You can also learn more about other finance and accounting related certifications: CPA Exam Courses, CFA Prep Courses, and CIA Study Materials. And if you have any Enrolled Agent questions, just drop a comment below and I’ll personally help you find the right course for you!


22 replies
  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I have been preparing taxes for the last seven years. I don’t just want to learn the material to pass the exam, but want to get a comprehensive knowledge that feels right to me. I do not mind reading. Do you have a particular course you would recommend? I am planning on taking the third exam first because I am just about to enter into tax season and I don’t have quite as much time to study.

    • Bryce Welker
      Bryce Welker says:

      Hi Jeff, I would highly recommend signing up for a free trial of Gleim CIA Review. They’ve recently updated their software platform to make it more user friendly and they have very comprehensive study materials and video lectures.

  2. Lori
    Lori says:


    I am planning to purchase the Fast Forward Academy online EA course. I would like to be able to access the course from two different computers, my work and my home computers. Will I be able to so without problems?

    Thank you.


  3. Diane
    Diane says:

    I’m thinking of studying and taking the EA Exam. Since it is Mid-Novemember, if I purchase the materials and take the first exam in January, would the materials for Part 2 and 3 still be good for the testing period after FEB-MAR when there isn’t testing and everything is updated? I wouldn’t want to purchase now and not have the best course materials.

    Also…. do you sell just Part 1 material or Part 2, etc.? OR is it always the full package?

    Lastly…. how long does it usually take someone to do the course work for part 1 before they are ready to take the exam for part 1? Weeks and hours per week?


    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      I don’t sell any of the materials, I just reviewed them so you’ll have to contact the companies regarding your questions. Typically students study for around 60 hours for part 1, could be more or less depending on how much knowledge and experience you already have.

  4. Rebecca Jefferson
    Rebecca Jefferson says:

    I have worked for CPA firms for about 12 years doing all types of taxes and auditing. I am planning on taking the EA test by the end of the year. Unsure which review course would be best. I also have the tax section from the CPA review course.

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      I recommend trying out both of the free demos from both Gleim and Fast Forward Academy and seeing which one fits better with your learning style.

      Good luck!

  5. vickie
    vickie says:

    Hello, I have been working for CPA’s for 10 years now and I want to move forward with more education. I would like to get my EA this year. I have enjoyed reading about the choices; however, I am not sure which course to pick yet….I have taken HB courses, workbook style, but never an online course. I have worked in the bookkeeping/accounting field for over 30 years. Please let me know what you would suggest. Thanks!

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Vickie,

      Try out the free demos of both Fast Forward Academy and Gleim EA Review to see which one best fits your learning style (access the demos through the Get Started buttons above).


  6. Don Randazzo
    Don Randazzo says:

    I am looking at the ParkAvenue review Course. I believe it uses Fast forward course work. I live in NJ. Do know of them. I’m ready to pull the trigger. Thanks Don.

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Don,
      I have never heard about Park Avenue Review before. If you do end up using their course I’d love to hear your thoughts about it later on.

  7. Tammi Le Gallardo
    Tammi Le Gallardo says:

    Bryce, how about phoenixtax.com? It’s more affordable and 30 day money back guarantee with pass guarantee. I already passed the first exam with my tax prep experience. However, I will purchase and try their study guide for test 2 and 3. I will keep you posted. Thx.

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Tammi,

      Thanks for the suggestion I will definitely check them out. Please keep me posted on how test #2 and #3 go with their study guide!


  8. Sheri
    Sheri says:

    It appears that Fast Forward Academy is the school of choice. I would like your opinion. I have owned my own business since I was 18. I have done the bookkeeping, payroll and payroll taxes but never attempted to do my own taxes until this year. I have been through H & R Blocks training program and passed with a 97%. They wanted to “hire” me to do taxes for them at minimum wage. (no thank you) In my attempt to do my corp taxes it became clear to me that I do not have the necessary knowledge to complete them confidently. I currently work for a CPA doing bookkeeping, payroll, payroll taxes and sales tax. I love love love my job but want to increase my income, as well as work for myself. Which program would you suggest for someone like me who has a slight more understanding then basic so increase my knowledge and confidence in preparing taxes and sitting for the EA exam?

    Thank you for you time.

    Sheri V

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hey Sheri,

      I would definitely recommend going with Fast Forward Academy. Their software makes it easy to see what sections you already know as well as the sections you could use some more work on. This will help you save a lot of time because you probably already know a lot of the material.


  9. George Guiver
    George Guiver says:

    I just finished the comprehensive first course with The Income Tax School. I am going to continue to achieve my EA. Has anyone gone through The Income Tax School to study for the EA? And, if so, what do you think?


    • Matt
      Matt says:

      George – The Income Tax School works with Fast Forward Academy for the EA exam. They have a wonderful tax training school and teaching practice management, etc. FFA would help you get through the 3 parts of the EA.

  10. Cathleen
    Cathleen says:

    I used Fast Forward Academy and thought it was a great study learning tool. I can’t imagine anything better. I passed all 3 exams on my first try!!!! Thank you Fast Forward Academy!!!

  11. Alexander Breeding
    Alexander Breeding says:

    I can shell for Fast Forward. I went from zero knowledge about taxes to passing the EA exam (all three parts) in four months time. I spent a few hours almost every day with the material and took off one week entirely after each successful passing. You’ve got to put the time in once you start on a part; but with Fast Forward’s online test bank and practice exams it’s on you if you don’t pass the EA exam. I will be using Fast Forward for CPA exam prep in a few years. Good deal!

  12. Luisa San Juan
    Luisa San Juan says:

    I used Fast Forward Academy (FFA) to prepare the three parts of the EA exam. I passed each exam the first time I took it, and it is my opinion that FFA was key in my success. Furthermore, I felt I really knew and understood the material presented.

    I loved the possibility to post questions to the community or to e-mail them directly to an expert. I am especially thankful to Lori and Kristina. They helped me understand the few questions that were not clear to me. In one occasion I phoned the help line and the customer support person was very helpful too.

    I got FFA materials on May 1st, 2013, and before the end of June I had already passed parts 1 and 3. I took summer off and studied part 2 during September and October. Before the end of October I was done with the three parts. Many people, who knew that I only had one year of experience doing taxes, asked me how I had managed to pass in such a short time all the exams. My answer was “Fast Forward Academy”.

    I have recommended it to many people and I know that some of them are in fact using it.

    I cannot compare it with other products because I did not use them. At the time, my decision to go with FFA was based on:
    1. I was going to have access to the electronic updated material until I passed, and to a new book for little money if I wanted it.
    2. The promise of fast delivery of the book. I wanted to be done with two of the parts by the end of June and this was critical to me. I got the book in the time promised (very fast). There was another provider who said the delivery was going to take between one and two weeks, so I decided against it.
    3. I had used a little FFA for free when preparing for the RTRP and I was a little familiar with the style, which I liked. There was another provider that gave minimal access to their software and I could not get a good idea of how it worked. I decided against it too.

  13. Peter F. Kennedy
    Peter F. Kennedy says:

    I was extremely happy with the education tools of the Fast Forward Academy. I began my studies with FF in February 2013 and took part I in March and passed. I studied the remaining 2 parts during the summer and passed both #II and #III by mid September 2013. All three parts were taken and passed the 1st time.

    I highly recommend studying with the Fast Forward Academy!!!!


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