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Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Fast Forward Academy EACourse Rating: ★★★★★

Fast Forward Academy’s mission is to help students accomplish more in less time. The software it has created for its Enrolled Agent review course is the backbone of its Learn Fast and Pass motto.

By questioning the status quo of the industry, the company has developed several features, such as the study planner and an online trivia game. However, despite this effort to differentiate its course, FFA falls short of delivering a great course and isn’t a great option for students.


1. Performance Data and Feedback

Fast Forward EA Review NotesFastBook displays performance indicators on the top of each page so you can monitor how well you understand that material based on the practice exams you’ve taken. You can see an example of the 3 performance indicators in the screenshot below. The percentages from left to right refer to Personal Study Data, Personal Exam Data, and Community Exam Data.

The average score of the community is also posted so that you can assess how well you are doing compared to other students. While this is a solid feature, many of the other courses are able to provide the same information in a more appealing manner.


2. Practice Exams

EA Textbook Performance IndicatorsThe Fast Forward Academy EA review course includes more than 3,200 multiple-choice questions and the option to create unlimited practice tests that are timed and weighted just like the actual EA exam. From the FastBook, you can transition over to the Test Bank and take a practice exam by clicking on the “Launch Study Bank Session” link at the bottom of the page.

From here, you will be able to customize your practice test by using a number of different filters. The one that appears to be the most useful allows you to create an exam comprising only those questions you’ve gotten wrong in previous attempts. This is a nice feature because it makes studying more efficient and helps you focus on your weak areas.

Once you begin the exam, the correct answer will be displayed along with a detailed explanation for each question. (Many questions also have video explanations). Below the correct answer you will also find the book’s chapter, subsection, and subject to help you find additional information about the question.

3. Online Game

Fast Forward Academy EA Test BankFast Forward Academy has also created an online trivia game called “FastPlay” to make studying more fun. Users can choose between single and multiplayer modes, in which they will be asked multiple choice questions, and receive points for getting the correct answer as quickly as possible. While this is a cool feature, it seems as though the majority of the effort from FFA went into optimizing this component. One would think other areas would be more important than gamified learning.

4. Study Planner

Fast Forward Academy’s EA study planner allows you to create a customized plan based on your schedule. Once again, while this is a neat feature, other courses do it better and you’ll find it to be something that doesn’t add too much value to the product.


1. No Mobile App

Although Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient. Other courses offer this capability and it’s a differentiator in the industry.

2. Just Added Video Lectures

Fast Forward recently updated its course and included 10+ hours of video footage. This is a new feature for the course, so there is very little feedback as to whether or not the video lectures are helpful or not. Let us know in the comment section if you’ve used these video courses and found them helpful or not. From what we’ve heard initially, there are much better video lectures available through other courses.

3. 30 Day Refund

Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass. But what if you don’t fit well with the course structure and want to use a different course. Well, you’ll only have 30 days to figure it out in order to receive a refund.

This isn’t much time, especially if you find out the course didn’t work for you when you don’t pass. Other courses don’t have a time limit on their refund and instead abide by a pass or refund guarantee. You’ll have to make sure you meet all of Fast Forwards 30 day refund qualifications too in order to get your money back.

Ideal User

As with most online review courses, self-motivated students who take the initiative to read and study the material and actually do the practice questions and tests will get the most out of this course. You must also be someone who can be a self-guide since you do not have a guiding instructor in this course. The course analytics and features like being able to highlight textbook material and filtering practice questions assist students in focusing on specific areas.

Still, this is a user-driven course, and those students who prefer to have material presented and explained to them by an instructor or in recorded lectures will prefer a different option.

My Suggestion

The quality study materials, up-to-date technology, course analytics, performance indicators, user-friendly and intuitive design, and affordable pricing make this a solid and well-rounded course.

The FastPlay trivia game is a nice perk and takes some of the tedium out of studying with practice questions and tests alone, and being able to tweak your study plan via email when life gets in the way demonstrates that some thought went into creating this course for busy professionals. Take them up on their offer for a free trial session today; you won’t be disappointed.


Summary of Course Features

  • 3,200 practice questions with written or video explanations
  • Unlimited, customizable practice tests
  • Hard copy printed textbook
  • Electronic FastBook study guide
  • FastPlay online trivia game
  • Email support and community forum
  • Unlimited course access until you pass
  • Money back guarantee


Fast Forward Academy EA Smart Bundle
Price: $539 with CRUSH discount
Includes: Hard copy printed textbook and electronic FastBook (intelligent online study guide), 3,148 practice questions with many video explanations, and unlimited practice exams.

Fast Forward Academy EA Online Bundle
Price: $499
Includes: FastBook (intelligent online study guide), 3,148 practice questions with many video explanations, and unlimited practice exams.

Fast Forward Academy EA Book Bundle
Price: $199
Includes: Hard copy printed textbook and 847 practice questions.


Fast Forward Academy EA Breakdown

Fast Forward Academy EA Review
1. Versatile Textbooks and Study Guide
2. Cheap Materials
3. Performance Data and Feedback
4. Practice Exams
5. Online Game

Fast Forward Academy EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
3 / 5 stars

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27 replies
  1. Vaike
    Vaike says:

    I passed all three parts of the Enrolled Agent exam on the first attempt. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Fast Forward Academy. The online program is easy to use. If you didn’t understand an answer to a quiz question, you can post a question and get an answer within hours. The side-bar discussions available for questions, were a big help.

  2. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I just Passed the Treasury EA Exams 1 – 2 & 3 — using Fast Forward Academy — in about 10 Weeks.

    FFA — Fast Forward Academy has a slick mobile interface and getting specific answers quickly from Tax & Accounting Experts online was a huge plus.

    1) The Mobile App was a great way to cram in another 45 minutes per day of studying / practice exams / quizzes >>> using idle time in my day.

    2) The rapid answers provided in the learning Community by the sharp staff members — and the CEO — keep you moving along when stuck.
    — Tax is so nuanced — you are able to get answers quickly in the Online interaction with Tax | Accounting Experts !

    3) The User Interface is slick with easy access to the core Materials & Supplements — constantly UPDATED.

    4) Both Quiz Mode with Easy Access to Material & Practice Exam Mode.

    I have used Becker — and would not knock them nor anyone
    — I found that the FFA Mobile App & Online Study Community monitored by FFA really leveraged my time and focus.

    The Supplemental Materials generated in the Online Community are Essential to Passing EA efficiently and quickly.

    Thomas — Scottsdale AZ

  3. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    What’s the shortest it has taken to complete this coursework? I’m trying to take off from work, expedite completion of the course to commence my career as an EA.

    • amy sears
      amy sears says:

      That varies greatly depending on your experience. It can take anywhere between 120-200 hours to study for the whole EA exam, but each part varies in study time.

  4. Debbie White
    Debbie White says:

    Hello, I’ve always used Fast Forward Academy for my AFSP education. I want to study for my EA certification. Is FFA still in your top choice? I was also looking at Gryfin. Why isn’t FFA in your comparisons?

    • amy sears
      amy sears says:

      Fast Forward is a great course, but comparatively, the courses on my chart offer more than FFA. FFA has successfully worked for many candidates though, and if you have already used the software, it could be the right fit for you! Gryfin is another great course that can adapt to your level of understanding and help you study better, not harder. Good luck!
      -Team Crush the EA

  5. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I saw in a previous comment that you said fast forward would be fine for someone with no tax experience, but do you think it is the BEST option for first time introduction to this information or is there a better learning tool that is more focused on teaching and not reviewing?

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      Yes, Fast Forward would be one of the best options for you since the course does not expect you to have prior experience. I suggest checking out the trial to see if Fast Forward compliments your learning style. Good luck!
      -Team Crush The EA

    • Josh
      Josh says:

      Hey George,

      I recommend Fast Forward Academy. The technology is more advanced and the features they offer with the lower price seal the deal. Good Luck!

      -Team Crush The EA

  6. Naga
    Naga says:

    Please tell me more about the money back guarantee. In addition to the study bundle, do I have to pay extra to take the exam?

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Kim, FFA’s technology is more advanced than Gleim’s. This enables their course to help you better understand which part of the learning material you are struggling with the most so you can focus on improving your weaknesses.

  7. Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown says:

    I am purchasing the 199.00 bundle and would like to know what is limited study questions and is any online services provided with this bundle?

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Most people suggest around 30-40 hours per part but I’ve seen people do it in much less depending on their work experience and prior knowledge. Typically EA candidates study more for part 1, around 50-60 hours.

  8. Jlynn
    Jlynn says:

    Hi, is this material good for someone whom has no prior tax experience? If I were to study religiously would I be able to pass the EA exams with this literature solely? Thank you in advance for your help and time!

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Jlynn,

      Yes, this course will definitely be good for you if you put in the study hours and stick to a consistent study schedule.

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Brandi,

      You need to be online to access their course materials, I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to download them.

  9. Daniel
    Daniel says:


    When I was reading their guarantee, it stated that there is an automatic monthly subscription renewal. Does this mean that if I were to buy the $529 bundle, I would have to pay that same amount every month?

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Daniel,
      The $529 is a one-time payment and their materials never expire. They have some subscription products but EA is NOT one of them. If you want to break up the $529 into pieces, contact Fast Forward Academy I know they are willing to work with people on that.



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