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EA Exam Discounts

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EA Course Discounts
Written by: Bryce Welker
5 / 5 stars

Gleim EA Review

Gleim EA ReviewCourse Rating: ★★★★

Gleim EA Review has a number of great features that will appeal to EA exam candidates. Each student is assigned a personal counselor to act as a guide and help personalize the study experience.

Students can mix and match various exam study materials to suit their needs, choosing only those elements they are most likely to use. The large question bank includes actual questions that were released from previous exams, and unlimited quizzes and Gleim’s final practice exam, the Exam Rehearsal, will help candidates prepare for the real thing.


1. Personal Counselor and Helpful Staff

One of the biggest advantages of Gleim EA Review is that all students are assigned personal counselors to help them navigate the entire Enrolled Agent exam process. Right from the start, your own counselor will help you create a study plan based on your specific situation and background and answer any questions you have about the exam process.

Not sure how much time you should spend studying and which part of the exam you should take first? Their staff of accounting experts is standing by to answer questions about exam-related content or study material by phone or email. When I called in to evaluate this service personally, I was immediately connected with a friendly staff member who walked me through all the different features of the Enrolled Agent software.

2. Comprehensive and Customizable Online Options

Gleim Enrolled Agent SoftwareWith Gleim’s online test software, you can select different types of questions to personalize your practice tests. Choose from questions you’ve never seen, questions you’ve never answered, questions you’ve never answered correctly, or all available questions. This is how the selection screen appears when you are building your test:


Being able to customize your practice tests makes studying much more efficient, because you can avoid working the same problems once you understand how to solve them and focus on other material instead.

3. Performance Analysis

Gleim Performance AnalysisGleim EA review software comes equipped with detailed analytics that help you track your performance as you progress through the course. If you are struggling with a particular section, you can keep retaking the questions you are getting incorrect until you improve. Your progress is easy to monitor because the software tracks your most recent attempt, the average of your last 3 attempts, and your cumulative average.

You can also track your improvement through the Performance Graphs section, which presents all of your practice exam scores in a more visual way. The user-friendly software allows you to click and view your performance analysis easily.

4. Study Session vs. Practice Exam

In the Study Session mode you can choose how many questions will be included in your practice exam. This is useful if you don’t have much time to study but still want to fit in a quick session on your lunch break or before work. In this mode, your answers are graded immediately and accompanied by an explanation of why your answers were marked correct or incorrect.

Gleim Test Prep Online - Study sessions and Practice ExamsOnce you start to feel confident with a section, you can switch over to the Practice Exam mode to simulate the actual exam environment. Just as on the EA exam, in this mode, your answers will not be shown until after you have completed all of the questions. The user-friendly software takes the guesswork out of creating a practice exam or study session.


5. Final Exam Review

Exam Rehearsal mode gives students an opportunity to prepare with a computerized test that is almost identical to the actual Enrolled Agent exam. It should be taken at least one week before your scheduled exam date and during your final review. It simulates the real exam environment, including the timing (3.5 hours long) and the number of questions (100 multiple-choice). This gives you a chance to practice your time-management skills while also preparing for the content of the exam.

6. EA Audio Review

The Gleim EA audio review is great for busy students who are always on the move. Each clip is 20-30 minutes long and covers a different study unit. The audio is compatible with most portable music devices and smart phones, which allows students to review material while at the gym, during their daily commute to work, and during many other “non-traditional” study times. You can find more information about Gleim’s EA audio course here.

7. Free Demos & Money-Back Guarantee

You can try out any of the options for free on Gleim’s website. Simply choose the product you want to try to sample that feature. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the Gleim EA Review course, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping costs). In addition to their Money-Back Guarantee, Gleim offers a Replacement Guarantee and a Continued Access Guarantee. The company’s 3 different guarantees demonstrate their commitment to helping students pass the Enrolled Agent exam.

8. Discounts

Gleim is currently offering an exclusive discount to all Crush readers. Be sure to take advantage of this offer if you decide to purchase their course!

Save 5% OFF all Gleim EA Review products!


1. Price

Although Gleim’s course is not the most expensive EA review course, students should think carefully about which parts of the exam they plan to buy, because buying all three parts of the exam for $598 (with the CRUSH discount) will cost a lot less than purchasing each review component separately.

Ideal User

Students who are looking for more personalized attention instead of an all-online, purely self-directed program will appreciate the support offered by counselors, who can answer questions and keep them on track. Although there are no live sessions, instructors or tutors, the counselors can get you on the right track and help you plan your studies. Many online programs pitch questions based on your performance on practice questions, but Gleim makes an effort to add human contact to the equation, so that it isn’t just you and the test bank.

Auditory learners will benefit from Gleim’s EA Audio Review as another means of solidifying the knowledge covered in the review course. Exam candidates who want a comprehensive course with many high quality practice questions and a human element will be pleased with Gleim’s program.

My Suggestion

Gleim is one of the most comprehensive EA review courses on the market and is a great fit for anyone who is serious about passing all 3 parts of the test on the first try. One of the course’s biggest strengths is the personal counselor program and strong customer support, both of which guide students through the entire Enrolled Agent exam process and answer clients’ questions in a quick and efficient way.

The fact that their course is backed by a Money-Back Guarantee, a Replacement Guarantee, and an Online Access Guarantee shows that they are more concerned about helping you pass than trying to make a quick buck. Download one of the FREE Gleim Demos today so you can decide for yourself! If this course is compatible with your learning style, then you are on your way to crushing the EA exam!


Summary of Course Features

  • Personal Counselor
  • Interactive Study Planner
  • Digital/Review Books
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Online Question Bank, Analytics, and Quizzes
  • Audio Review Lecture Series
  • Exam Rehearsal™ (full-length practice exam)
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Gleim Book Bag


Gleim EA Premium Review Package (Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $628  Save $31
Includes: Digital and physical copies of books, largest test bank of multiple-choice questions on the market, authentic exam day emulation, online review course, access until you pass guarantee, personal counselors, access to accounting experts, free shipping, audio lectures, full length exam rehearsal, and their interactive study planner.

  • Price for Part 1 only: $229.95
  • Price for Part 2 only: $299.95
  • Price for Part 3 only: $199.95

Gleim EA Traditional ( Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $529.95 Save $27
Includes: Digital and physical copies of our books, largest test bank of multiple choice questions on the market, authentic exam day emulation, online review course, personal counselors, and their interactive study planner.

  • Price for Part 1 only: $199.95
  • Price for Part 2 only: $254.95
  • Price for Part 3 only: $169.95

Gleim EA Test Bank and Books (Supplement)
Price: $379.85 includes Parts 1, 2, & 3 (or $119.95/$169.95/$89.95 to buy each part separately)
Includes: 12 months of access to online test bank with thousands of questions including IRS-released questions from previous official exams, detailed analytics, optional books, and unlimited Practice Exams that simulate the EA exam.


Gleim EA Breakdown

Gleim EA Review
1. Personal Counselor and Helpful Staff
2. Comprehensive and Customizable Online Options
3. 5% OFF all Products
4. Performance Analysis
5. Study Session vs. Practice Exam

Gleim EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars

Lambers EA Review

Lambers Enrolled Agent Course Overview and Recommendation

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Lambers EA Review course has prepared students for the EA exam since 2008 and is available in three basic formats: audio, video, and software. Although the course technology is somewhat out of date, students looking for a more traditional learning option will appreciate the audio and video course options.


1. Video Course

Lambers is one of the few EA courses that includes guided video lectures. EA candidates who prefer a more traditional review course and learn best by audio-visual means will appreciate being able to watch lectures, which are available in DVD, for iPod (MP4), and online formats.

The video lectures are presented by Arthur Reed, an instructor with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Even though the videos are relatively dated, Professor Reed is an industry expert who knows his topic extremely well. He also works hundreds of problems so that students can see how to solve questions step by step.

2. EA Audio Course

Lambers has created an Audio Review Course that you can download and listen to on your iPod. This option allows you to study while exercising, eating lunch, commuting to work, or during any other “non-traditional” study times. The audio course comes with CDs that can be loaded onto your computer and then synced to your iPod or any other MP4 media player.

Essentially, this option is the audio version of their Video Course coupled with an online workbook, which reinforces the material presented in the lectures. The audio course comes with free updates for up to one year after purchase.

3. Traditional or Electronic Workbook Sets

A set of textbooks with hundreds of test questions, examples, and outlines are designed to  accompany the lectures. The workbooks are easy to follow and the electronic workbooks that come with the iPod course include many questions used by the professors to measure your retention of the material that is most likely to come up on the exam.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Lambers offers a “No Pass No Pay Guarantee” that promises a refund for those who fail any corresponding exam twice after using their products. Please see the Lambers website for the specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a refund.


1. Dated Test Prep Software

Lambers EA software is very basic. The number of questions (in the hundreds) comes nowhere near the 3,000+ offered by competitors, and the course dashboard looks outdated and old-school. Pre-tests, adaptive drills based on your performance, and a simulated exam mode are available, but this part of the course should be updated if Lambers hopes to keep pace with the competition. The course software is available in an online or CD-based format.

2. Price

This course is relatively expensive, especially once the individual components are added together. Each feature is priced separately, and there are no package deals. For example, once you’ve added up the cost of the video course for all three parts ($900), the audio review courses ($600), the flashcards ($372), you’ve spent more than $1,800.

The “Ask The Expert” Service is overpriced at almost $300, given that it is basically a way to get your questions answered by emailing staff. Building a comprehensive course in order to have access to all or even most of the features is much more expensive than many package deals available from competitors.

Ideal User

Given the video and audio components of this course, Lambers is obviously aimed at audio-visual learners who prefer a traditional approach of listening to and watching recorded classroom lectures while following along and trying practice questions in the workbook. Students who would like to see exactly how individual types of questions are worked out one step at a time will get the most out of this type of program.

Self-motivated learners who are looking for thousands of practice questions and feedback or analysis based on their performance will prefer a larger test bank of questions and more up-to-date technological features.

My Suggestion

The biggest point in Lambers’ favor is that it is the only EA review company that currently offers both audio and video lectures. Course instructor Arthur Reed has a lot of industry experience that he shares in a straightforward manner in the video lectures. However the overall course doesn’t even come close to Gleim EA Review or Fast Forward Academy EA review which you can purchase for a much cheaper price.  I’d suggest that you save your money and choose a better overall enrolled agent course.

Summary of Course Features

  • Guided Video Lectures (online or CD-based)
  • Audio Review Course Includes Downloadable CDs to Sync with iPod or MP3 player
  • Test Prep Software with Hundreds of High Quality Questions
  • Customizable Practice Exams
  • Electronic Flashcards
  • Traditional and Electronic Workbooks
  • “Ask The Expert” Service
  • Money Back Guarantee


Lambers EA Review Video Courseware
Price: $299.95 each for Part 1, 2 or 3
Includes: Set of recorded classroom lectures available online or in CD-based format taught by professor Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST, showing how to work out problems, step by step.

Lambers Review EA Test Prep Software
Price: $149.95 each for Part 1, 2 or 3
Includes: Adaptive test engine with high quality questions. Different modes of learning, including targeted simulation exercises and pre and post assessment exams.

Lambers Flash Cards
Price: $124.95 each for Part 1, 2 or 3 Flash Trainer
Includes: Electronic flashcards containing of 465+ key terms, formulas and definitions, including monitoring and feedback of your performance. Flash cards may also be printed out.

Lambers Audio Review
Price: $199.95 each for Parts 1, 2 or 3
Includes: Supplemental audio courseware designed for any MP3 compatible player that includes downloadable CDs to sync with iPod or MP3 player, workbooks used by course professors during training, and recordings of professors working out hundreds of problems and questions.

Lambers EA Review iPod Courses
Price: $299.95 each for Parts 1, 2 or 3
Includes: Set of recorded classroom lectures in MP4 format taught by Professor Arthur Reed, plus an electronic workbook.

Lambers “Ask The Expert” Service
Price: $299.95
Includes: Individual support via email from a Lambers subject matter expert to answer your specific questions and provide guidance.


Lambers EA Breakdown

Lambers EA Review
1. Video Course
2. EA Audio Course
3. Traditional or Electronic Workbook Sets
4. Money Back Guarantee
5. Experienced Instructors

Lambers EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
3 / 5 stars

WiseGuides EA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★★WiseGuides EA Review Course Overview and Recommendation

WiseGuides has been preparing financial professionals for various certification exams and has offered continuing education courses for almost 2 decades. The WiseGuides EA Review offers students a few thousand practice questions at a bargain price for up to 18 months.


1. Large Number of Practice Questions

WiseGuides provides access to more than 2,880 Study Questions (total for all three parts) with answer explanations to help prepare candidates for the EA exam. Students who take the time to practice that many questions will definitely be more prepared when it comes to exam day than peers who try their hand at a few hundred.

2. Unlimited Practice Exams and Online eLessons

Students can create an unlimited number of practice exams from the study questions and access the same lessons that appear in the printed textbook online in the eLessons. Although the technology is out-of-date, those candidates looking for a basic course with thousands of questions that can be used to generate practice exams will find this course fits the bill.

3. Electronic Flashcards

WiseGuides includes a set of 1,600 online eStudy Cards to help students memorize the large amount of material that is tested on the three parts of the EA exam. If you regularly flip through the cards whenever you have a few minutes of spare time, you will retain more information over the long run than if you try to memorize page after page of textbook equations.

4. Price

If you are looking for a low-budget option to study for the EA exam, you should definitely consider WiseGuides EA Review. The study materials for each part of the exam cost $79 when purchased separately, or $237 if you buy all three parts as a bundle. You’ll get 1 year of access to all the online features (18 months if you buy the bundle) as well as 1,500 digital flashcards and hard copy textbooks. If you only need access for 90 days, each part of the exam is available for the even less: $49 per part, or $147 for all 3 parts of the exam.

5. Money Back Guarantee

WiseGuides offers a pass guarantee. According to their website, they have helped most candidates pass the EA Exam on the first try for more than 15 years. In that time, only a handful of candidates have asked for their money back because they did not pass one or more parts of the EA Exam. Please see their website for additional information regarding their guarantee.


1. Outdated Technology/Cluttered Interface

WiseGuides EA Review SoftwareThe WiseGuides EA Review software is inexpensive for a reason. It could definitely benefit from an extensive update, as you can see from the following screenshot.

There is very little in terms of feedback for practice questions, and although the layout is user-friendly, your choices are limited basic functions, such as printing out material, which is less useful for students who are looking for an online course with interactive features. The course pages are full of bright colors, text boxes and text, which is somewhat of a distraction.

Ideal User

The WiseGuides EA review course will appeal most to students looking for a bare-bones course at a rock bottom price. Exam candidates who want a few thousand practice questions and the opportunity to take unlimited practice exams and have little interest in adaptive learning technology, guided lectures, or specific performance technology will be satisfied with this course. The WiseGuides program also makes sense as a supplemental study tool when added to another, more up-to-date course.

My Suggestion

Although the technology is old-school and the website and course pages could benefit from an overhaul, the course comes with a total of  2,900 study questions, 1,600 electronic flashcards for all three parts of the exam, an unlimited number of online practice exams, and eLessons or printed Lesson Books for additional practice. You can test-drive the course by signing up for the free demo to see if this inexpensive course is for you.

The WiseGuides’ track record for helping students pass the exam appears to be solid. If you have the cash to spare for a more comprehensive and updated course, you will get more features if you go with a product from another testing company, but if you just need some extra practice at a bargain price, you should give this course a try.

To compare Wise Guides EA Review to other Enrolled Agent review courses, please click the button below.


Summary of Course Features

  • 2,880 study questions and answer examples
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • 1,290 eLesson tax topics
  • 1,600 electronic flashcards
  • Pass guarantee


WiseGuides EA Exam eCourse for all 3 parts, access for 18 months
Price: $237
Includes: 2,880 study questions, answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides EA Exam eCourse for part 1, 2 or 3, access for 12 months
Price: $79 per part
Includes: 1,300+ questions for Part 1, 1,100+ questions for part 2, and 480+ questions for Part 3; answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, Lesson Books available for purchase, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides eCourse 90 Day Special
Price: $49 per part/$147 for all 3 parts
Includes: 2,880 study questions, answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides Printed Lesson Books
Price: $25 per part when purchased as part of an eCourse (may not be purchased separately).
Includes: Textbooks to accompany course.

WiseGuides eStudy Cards
Price: $20/$31 per part when purchased as part of an eCourse (may not be purchased separately).
Includes: 1,6oo electronic flashcards to help students master the material.


WiseGuides EA Course Information

WiseGuides EA Review
1. Large Number of Practice Questions
2. Unlimited Practice Exams and Online Lessons eLessons
3. Electronic Flashcards
4. Money Back Guarantee
5. Low-Budget Option

Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Fast Forward Academy EACourse Rating: ★★★★★

Fast Forward Academy’s mission is to help students accomplish more in less time. The software it has created for its Enrolled Agent review course is the backbone of its Learn Fast and Pass motto.

By questioning the status quo of the industry, the company has developed several features, such as the study planner and an online trivia game. However, despite this effort to differentiate its course, FFA falls short of delivering a great course and isn’t a great option for students.


1. Performance Data and Feedback

Fast Forward EA Review NotesFastBook displays performance indicators on the top of each page so you can monitor how well you understand that material based on the practice exams you’ve taken. You can see an example of the 3 performance indicators in the screenshot below. The percentages from left to right refer to Personal Study Data, Personal Exam Data, and Community Exam Data.

The average score of the community is also posted so that you can assess how well you are doing compared to other students. While this is a solid feature, many of the other courses are able to provide the same information in a more appealing manner.


2. Practice Exams

EA Textbook Performance IndicatorsThe Fast Forward Academy EA review course includes more than 3,200 multiple-choice questions and the option to create unlimited practice tests that are timed and weighted just like the actual EA exam. From the FastBook, you can transition over to the Test Bank and take a practice exam by clicking on the “Launch Study Bank Session” link at the bottom of the page.

From here, you will be able to customize your practice test by using a number of different filters. The one that appears to be the most useful allows you to create an exam comprising only those questions you’ve gotten wrong in previous attempts. This is a nice feature because it makes studying more efficient and helps you focus on your weak areas.

Once you begin the exam, the correct answer will be displayed along with a detailed explanation for each question. (Many questions also have video explanations). Below the correct answer you will also find the book’s chapter, subsection, and subject to help you find additional information about the question.

3. Online Game

Fast Forward Academy EA Test BankFast Forward Academy has also created an online trivia game called “FastPlay” to make studying more fun. Users can choose between single and multiplayer modes, in which they will be asked multiple choice questions, and receive points for getting the correct answer as quickly as possible. While this is a cool feature, it seems as though the majority of the effort from FFA went into optimizing this component. One would think other areas would be more important than gamified learning.

4. Study Planner

Fast Forward Academy’s EA study planner allows you to create a customized plan based on your schedule. Once again, while this is a neat feature, other courses do it better and you’ll find it to be something that doesn’t add too much value to the product.


1. No Mobile App

Although Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient. Other courses offer this capability and it’s a differentiator in the industry.

2. Just Added Video Lectures

Fast Forward recently updated its course and included 10+ hours of video footage. This is a new feature for the course, so there is very little feedback as to whether or not the video lectures are helpful or not. Let us know in the comment section if you’ve used these video courses and found them helpful or not. From what we’ve heard initially, there are much better video lectures available through other courses.

3. 30 Day Refund

Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass. But what if you don’t fit well with the course structure and want to use a different course. Well, you’ll only have 30 days to figure it out in order to receive a refund.

This isn’t much time, especially if you find out the course didn’t work for you when you don’t pass. Other courses don’t have a time limit on their refund and instead abide by a pass or refund guarantee. You’ll have to make sure you meet all of Fast Forwards 30 day refund qualifications too in order to get your money back.

Ideal User

As with most online review courses, self-motivated students who take the initiative to read and study the material and actually do the practice questions and tests will get the most out of this course. You must also be someone who can be a self-guide since you do not have a guiding instructor in this course. The course analytics and features like being able to highlight textbook material and filtering practice questions assist students in focusing on specific areas.

Still, this is a user-driven course, and those students who prefer to have material presented and explained to them by an instructor or in recorded lectures will prefer a different option.

My Suggestion

The quality study materials, up-to-date technology, course analytics, performance indicators, user-friendly and intuitive design, and affordable pricing make this a solid and well-rounded course.

The FastPlay trivia game is a nice perk and takes some of the tedium out of studying with practice questions and tests alone, and being able to tweak your study plan via email when life gets in the way demonstrates that some thought went into creating this course for busy professionals. Take them up on their offer for a free trial session today; you won’t be disappointed.


Summary of Course Features

  • 3,200 practice questions with written or video explanations
  • Unlimited, customizable practice tests
  • Hard copy printed textbook
  • Electronic FastBook study guide
  • FastPlay online trivia game
  • Email support and community forum
  • Unlimited course access until you pass
  • Money back guarantee


Fast Forward Academy EA Smart Bundle
Price: $539 with CRUSH discount
Includes: Hard copy printed textbook and electronic FastBook (intelligent online study guide), 3,148 practice questions with many video explanations, and unlimited practice exams.

Fast Forward Academy EA Online Bundle
Price: $499
Includes: FastBook (intelligent online study guide), 3,148 practice questions with many video explanations, and unlimited practice exams.

Fast Forward Academy EA Book Bundle
Price: $199
Includes: Hard copy printed textbook and 847 practice questions.


Fast Forward Academy EA Breakdown

Fast Forward Academy EA Review
1. Versatile Textbooks and Study Guide
2. Cheap Materials
3. Performance Data and Feedback
4. Practice Exams
5. Online Game

Fast Forward Academy EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
3 / 5 stars