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Surgent EA Review Course OnlineCourse Rating: ★★★★

Surgent EA Exam Review is an excellent choice for any student looking for a good study tool to help them become an Enrolled Agent. It’s affordable, filled with practice questions, and features powerful adaptive learning technology has helped many candidates pass the exam in the most efficient way possible.

Surgent prides itself on their course’s streamlined design that provides self-motivated students with the opportunity to learn as quickly and effectively as possible.


1. Adaptive Learning SoftwareSurgent EA Review Online Course

As students learn more about the EA exam, Surgent will learn more about their strengths and weakness. Thanks to the adaptive learning technology implemented by Surgent, this course becomes more effective the more you use it to study. Personalized study plans will match each student’s level of understanding and help to eliminate any sticking points. This specialized approach helps to eliminate any unnecessary studying and save students a great deal of time.

2. 14-Day Trial

Picking the right review course is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Surgent understands this and gives all enrolled students the option to receive a full refund within 14 days, no questions asked. This is excellent for the unsure or indecisive student because it can help them to avoid investing in a course that doesn’t complement their learning style.

3. Clean, Easy-to-Use Course Design

Surgent EA Review Course Online

Surgent’s study materials are all designed to be simple and free from distraction so that students can focus on what’s most important—passing their exams. Everything necessary to track a student’s progress is prominently displayed in the dashboard. All additional educational features contained in Surgent’s EA prep course are displayed with a similar level of clarity, preventing time being wasted in searching for specific study tools and material.

Surgent’s recently updated interface allows students to see how many hours they’ve spent studying, how many days they have left until taking the exam, and their overall progress score. Best of all, Surgent’s predominantly web-based setup allows students to jump in and out of their studies from anywhere at anytime.

4. Bilingual Practice Questions and Answer Explanations

The key to success is to put in the hours. When it comes to studying for the EA exam, or any certification test, that means going over lots and lots of practice questions. To meet this need, Surgent included over 1,800 multiple choice practice questions, in similar style to real exam questions, that have in-depth explanations into the reasoning for their answers. These explanations will often feature direct references to IRS publications and link to related glossary terms. The cherry on top is that Surgent happens to be the only Enrolled Agent review course out there that has answer explanations in Spanish, making it a valuable resource for Spanish-speaking students.

5. Low Cost

Surgent EA Exam Dashboard

For their EA prep program, Surgent offers tools and material at $499 that are on par with other courses that will charge over $1000. As one of the more affordable options, Surgent is an attractive choice thanks to the sheer volume of educational material provided at such a low cost. For a student with the right amount of discipline and self-motivation, this material can easily provide them with the knowledge to pass the exam without needing to explore more costly options such as 1-on-1 tutoring or an in-person classroom course.


1. Limited Offline Features

In order to get the most out of Surgent’s EA prep materials, students will need to be connected to the internet and access their prep course on their computer. In all fairness, there are some features that are available to download, view offline, and print if necessary. However, the vast majority of features are only present in a digital online format which can be inconvenient to those without access to stable internet or with a slower connection.

Ideal User

Surgent EA Review is an ideal fit for self-motivated learners with a modern computer and internet connection that can take advantage of the adaptive learning software to create the most efficient study sessions possible. This course is even viable to students who speak English as a second language and are more comfortable reading in Spanish.

Surgent is also an excellent choice for students with a busy schedule. Whether it’s someone working full time that needs to squeeze in their study sessions between shifts or a full-time university student who has to juggle assignments from multiple classes, Surgent provides the flexibility to adjust their course to the individual’s needs.

Thanks to the adaptive learning features present in Surgent’s review program, any student can get the most out of their study tools regardless of their knowledge level. This course is designed to provide targeted education that matches a student’s experience level and addresses their weaknesses in order to save time during the studying process.

My Suggestion

Surgent is a big name in the test prep industry that is known for their powerful learning tools. With its newly updated user interface, their EA review course is highly efficient and boasts a success rate of roughly 80%. This course doesn’t come with an atrocious price tag and still provides a solid course that is efficient and innovative. Because of all this, I wholeheartedly recommend Surgent’s EA prep course for anyone looking to become an Enrolled Agent.


Summary of Course Features

  • More than 1,800 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Adaptive Learning Software
  • Web Based Review
  • Answer Explanations Available in Spanish
  • Downloadable Materials
  • 21+ Video Explanations


Surgent EA Exam Review Full Course (Includes Parts 1, 2, and 3)
Essentials Pass
Price: $599
Includes: Adaptive Learning Software, 1,800+ multiple choice questions, Up-to-Date IRS publications integrated into the software, Simulated Exam Mode, and Downloadable materials

Premier Pass

Price: $799
Includes: 100+ Mini  video lectures, unlimited access until you pass, adaptive Learning Software, 1,800+ multiple choice questions, Up-to-Date IRS publications integrated into the software, Simulated Exam Mode, and Downloadable materials

  • Price for individual exam parts: $189


 Surgent EA Review Course Info

Surgent EA Review
1.Adaptive Learning Software
2.14-Day Trial
3.Easy-to-Use Course Design
4.Abundant Practice Questions
5.Low Cost

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Surgent EA Review
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