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Last Updated:February 20, 2018
Bryce Welker
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Surgent Enrolled Agent Overview and RecommendationCourse Rating: ★★★★

Surgent EA Exam Review is affordable, filled with practice questions, and its adaptive learning technology has helped many candidates become enrolled agents in the most efficient way possible. Surgent prides itself on the streamlined design of its course, giving self-studiers the opportunity to pass the exam as soon as possible.


1. Adaptive Learning Software

Surgent EA Adaptive Learning TechnologySurgent will learn with you as you study more and more with the course, thanks to the adaptive learning technology. You will have personalized study plans made just for you and your level of understanding. Your strengths and weaknesses are pinpointed as you answer more practice questions, eliminating any unnecessary studying.

Studying this way will dramatically reduce your study time and keep you focused on the areas that are lowering your score. Why spend more time reviewing the topics you already know?

2. 14-Day Trial

Since picking the right review course is an important decision, Surgent gives you the option to return the course within 14 days. No questions asked. This is great because you don’t want to be stuck with a course that doesn’t complement your learning style.

You must email Surgent within 14 days of the order placement in order to claim your refund. So if you are unsure if Surgent is right, there’s no risk in trying it out! Just make sure you’ve made up your mind within two weeks.

3. Clean, Easy-to-Use Course Design

Surgent was designed to be simple and free from distraction so you can focus on what’s most important—passing the EA Exam. Everything you need to track your progress is clearly displayed in the dashboard and all features are clearly displayed so you don’t have to search to find study tools and material.

With the updated interface 1.5, you will be able to see how many hours you’ve already studied, how many days you have left until your exam, and your overall score for how you are doing so far. Since Surgent is web-based (you have the option to download materials to use offline), you can jump back into your studies from anywhere at anytime.

4. Lots of Practice Questions and Answer Explanations (in Spanish Too!)

Practice makes perfect, that’s why Surgent has included over 1,800 practice multiple choice questions with in-depth explanations, direct references to IRS publications, and related glossary terms. Also, Surgent is the only Enrolled Agent review course out there that has answer explanations in Spanish.

The questions are formatted in a similar way to the real exam, so you will be comfortable testing in an EA Exam environment. You will also have unlimited amount of simulated exams so you can keep practicing until you are confident.

5. Low Cost

For $499, you will be getting the same state-of-the-art technology as other courses that will charge you over $1000. As one of the more affordable options, Surgent is an attractive choice for many since it’s a lot of bang for the buck.


No Video Lectures

When you study with Surgent, you will be studying in the most efficient way possible. That is why there are no video lessons available since they are technically not necessary. You will be given material and practice questions that will guide you back to the material that needs more of your time. If you need to watch videos in order to learn, then Surgent is probably not the best course for you.

Ideal User

Surgent EA Review is an ideal fit for self-motivated learners who will take advantage of the adaptive learning software to create the most efficient study sessions possible. You will have a personalized study experience that targets your studies to areas of weakness, eliminating the need to go back and review material you’ve already mastered.

Surgent is great if you have a busy schedule. If you’re working full time and have limited time to study, Surgent gives you the flexibility to adjust the course to your needs. Honestly, since the software can adapt to any type of student, this review course can be a great match for everyone.

My Suggestion

Surgent is a big name in the test prep industry and with its updated interface 1.5, you will have an efficient EA review course that has a success rate of 80%. You won’t have to pay some atrocious price to get a solid course that is efficient and innovative. By adapting to your level of understanding, you will be succeeding in no time.


Summary of Course Features

  • More than 1,800 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Adaptive Learning Software
  • Web Based Review
  • Answer Explanations Available in Spanish
  • Downloadable Materials


Surgent EA Exam Review Full Course (Includes Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Price: $499

Includes: Adaptive Learning Software, 1,800+ multiple choice questions, Up-to-Date IRS publications integrated into the software, Simulated Exam Mode, and Downloadable materials

  • Price for individual exam parts: $189



 Surgent EA Review Course Info

Surgent EA Review
1. Adaptive Learning Software
2. 14-Day Trial
3. Easy-to-Use Course Design
4. Abundant Practice Questions
5. Low Cost
Surgent EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars

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