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Course Rating: ★★★★★WiseGuides EA Review Course Overview and Recommendation

WiseGuides has been preparing financial professionals for various certification exams and has offered continuing education courses for almost 2 decades. The WiseGuides EA Review offers students a few thousand practice questions at a bargain price for up to 18 months.


1. Large Number of Practice Questions

WiseGuides provides access to more than 2,880 Study Questions (total for all three parts) with answer explanations to help prepare candidates for the EA exam. Students who take the time to practice that many questions will definitely be more prepared when it comes to exam day than peers who try their hand at a few hundred.

2. Unlimited Practice Exams and Online eLessons

Students can create an unlimited number of practice exams from the study questions and access the same lessons that appear in the printed textbook online in the eLessons. Although the technology is out-of-date, those candidates looking for a basic course with thousands of questions that can be used to generate practice exams will find this course fits the bill.

3. Electronic Flashcards

WiseGuides includes a set of 1,600 online eStudy Cards to help students memorize the large amount of material that is tested on the three parts of the EA exam. If you regularly flip through the cards whenever you have a few minutes of spare time, you will retain more information over the long run than if you try to memorize page after page of textbook equations.

4. Price

If you are looking for a low-budget option to study for the EA exam, you should definitely consider WiseGuides EA Review. The study materials for each part of the exam cost $79 when purchased separately, or $237 if you buy all three parts as a bundle. You’ll get 1 year of access to all the online features (18 months if you buy the bundle) as well as 1,500 digital flashcards and hard copy textbooks. If you only need access for 90 days, each part of the exam is available for the even less: $49 per part, or $147 for all 3 parts of the exam.

5. Money Back Guarantee

WiseGuides offers a pass guarantee. According to their website, they have helped most candidates pass the EA Exam on the first try for more than 15 years. In that time, only a handful of candidates have asked for their money back because they did not pass one or more parts of the EA Exam. Please see their website for additional information regarding their guarantee.


1. Outdated Technology/Cluttered Interface

WiseGuides EA Review SoftwareThe WiseGuides EA Review software is inexpensive for a reason. It could definitely benefit from an extensive update, as you can see from the following screenshot.

There is very little in terms of feedback for practice questions, and although the layout is user-friendly, your choices are limited basic functions, such as printing out material, which is less useful for students who are looking for an online course with interactive features. The course pages are full of bright colors, text boxes and text, which is somewhat of a distraction.

Ideal User

The WiseGuides EA review course will appeal most to students looking for a bare-bones course at a rock bottom price. Exam candidates who want a few thousand practice questions and the opportunity to take unlimited practice exams and have little interest in adaptive learning technology, guided lectures, or specific performance technology will be satisfied with this course. The WiseGuides program also makes sense as a supplemental study tool when added to another, more up-to-date course.

My Suggestion

Although the technology is old-school and the website and course pages could benefit from an overhaul, the course comes with a total of  2,900 study questions, 1,600 electronic flashcards for all three parts of the exam, an unlimited number of online practice exams, and eLessons or printed Lesson Books for additional practice. You can test-drive the course by signing up for the free demo to see if this inexpensive course is for you.

The WiseGuides’ track record for helping students pass the exam appears to be solid. If you have the cash to spare for a more comprehensive and updated course, you will get more features if you go with a product from another testing company, but if you just need some extra practice at a bargain price, you should give this course a try.

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Summary of Course Features

  • 2,880 study questions and answer examples
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • 1,290 eLesson tax topics
  • 1,600 electronic flashcards
  • Pass guarantee


WiseGuides EA Exam eCourse for all 3 parts, access for 18 months

Price: $237
Includes: 2,880 study questions, answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides EA Exam eCourse for part 1, 2 or 3, access for 12 months

Price: $79 per part
Includes: 1,300+ questions for Part 1, 1,100+ questions for part 2, and 480+ questions for Part 3; answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, Lesson Books available for purchase, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides eCourse 90 Day Special

Price: $49 per part/$147 for all 3 parts
Includes: 2,880 study questions, answer examples linked to eLessons, unlimited practice exams, 1,290 eLesson tax topics, and pass guarantee.

WiseGuides Printed Lesson Books

Price: $25 per part when purchased as part of an eCourse (may not be purchased separately).
Includes: Textbooks to accompany course.

WiseGuides eStudy Cards

Price: $20/$31 per part when purchased as part of an eCourse (may not be purchased separately).
Includes: 1,6oo electronic flashcards to help students master the material.


WiseGuides EA Course Information

WiseGuides EA Review
1.Large Number of Practice Questions
2.Unlimited Practice Exams and Online Lessons eLessons
3.Electronic Flashcards
4.Money Back Guarantee
5.Low-Budget Option

WiseGuides EA Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
2 / 5 stars

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